Tune in to The Saidat Show!


I always say, “Never give up on your dreams”, but like most things in life preaching the philosophy is a lot easier than living it. Some days it is a conscious, moment-by-moment choice I have to make as I pursue my passion. This phrase has become my mantra while I continue working toward my dream of one day having an internationally-recognized children’s entertainment company.

For years I have described my school tour as “a traveling talk show for kids.” It had always been in my mind to host my own TV show (see Building the Dream). Every dream begins with an idea, but in order to come to fruition, that idea also needs to be visible to those who have the ability to help develop it.

London, Ontario is a beautiful community filled with individuals who want to provide Rogers-tv-logodreamers, like me, the opportunities to see their dreams materialize. Rogers TV in London has been such an amazing blessing to me. This community broadcasting network has helped me realize my dream of hosting my own TV show.

In May 2015, Marilyn Buggy, took time out of her hectic schedule to meet with me while I pitched my idea for a children’s show; a show that would help families and young people feel good about who they are and the community they live in. Marilyn, along with the staff at Rogers TV, recognized my pitch for what it was – great community-centred programing.  With their support, The Saidat Show aired 4 months later in September 2015.

The Saidat Show is a 22-minute inspirational program geared for young learners. This show has something for everyone! Filled with music videos, fashion and cooking tips and suggestions for school and home life The Saidat Show provides a platform for young world-changers to encourage their peers to get involved; to make a difference in their communities, their country, and the world. The show also features celebrity guests who want to act as role models for and motivate students to be all that they can be. Each episode includes special messages about the importance of mental wellness, balance and being kind to yourself and others.

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Here is a sneak peek of the first episode from last fall with fun school tips, fashion ideas and my special guest the amazingly talented Kolton Stewart from YTV’S show Some Assembly Required.

Happy Summer!