Growing Bolder Over the Summer

Me and Ms. Jam Gam!

This week’s blog is one that I have looked forward to for some time now. I believe that my life mission is to not only entertain and inspire children but also to shine the spotlight on others. I love to highlight the amazing people that I have the honour to cross paths with on my travels. And I’m so excited to have them share their gifts and passion with people that are connected with me.

I had the privilege of meeting Jahmeelah Gamble during my school tour this year. And what an inspiration she has been to me. Jahmeelah is absolutely beautiful inside and out! This multi-talented woman is a teacher, community educator, Award-winning host, and producer of “A Voice For All” on Rogers TV as well as an advocate for people with disabilities.
Today Jahmeelah is asking what are you going to do for yourself this summer. Will you accept her challenge?
Enjoy and please follow her journey at:
Jam Gamble on Facebook
@MsJamPccs on Twitter
Ms Jam Official Website
Jahmeelah Gamble on YouTube
Please share this challenge with co-workers, friends, and students. Challenge your school or workplace.
Jahmeelah Gamble is a passionate, high-energy speaker with a knack for connecting to an audience.
Her conversational-style approach and willingness to be transparent has caused audiences of all types to resonate with her delivery and message.